Sidebar windows 7 shutdown

25.01.2019 5 By Yozshukus

sidebar windows 7 shutdown

When I try to shutdown the PC I get the message. My os is Windows 7 64 bit, and the PC configuration is: Intel Core i5 - 3,8 ghz OC. Disabling Sidebar/Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7 Remove the checkbox from Windows Gadget Platform, click the OK button and restart your. After a fresh SP1 install (with all updates) i encounter this (quite common apparently..) which is the sidebar freezing during shutdown and. In a security advisory Tuesday, Microsoft urged Windows Vista and 7 Sidebar on Vista or Turn off desktop gadgets on Windows 7, select. Windows 7 Home Premium hangs for a prolonged period of time at the my system takes forever to shut down if there are sidebar gadgets. As the name of this app implies, Shutdown Timer Sidebar Gadget is a Windows gadget that allows you to schedule a shutdown operation on.